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Steves of the Sea


Cheese and I call stingrays 'Steves'. This isn't meant to be a reference to Steve Irwin. We actually only recently realised the unfortunate connection and honestly didn't intend to cause any offence to family, friends or fans of The Crocodile Hunter.

Because this whole "Why do you call stingrays Steve?" question is likely to keep coming up every time we post a picture of a Ste-- I mean, a stingray, I thought I'd write a blog post explaining how this came to be. Right. Here I go. If you're not that interested, feel free to just move on. There are some entertaining pictures in our 'Comics' section, if that kind of thing takes your fancy...

Part 1: In the 'Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros' song by Flight of the Conchords there's a part that goes, "I'm not a large water-dwelling mammal. Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis? Did Steve tell you that, perchance? Steve." And Jermaine shakes his fist as he says Steve, because Steve is obviously a bit of a bastard. So when something is being a bit of a bastard, Cheese and I have picked up the habit of shaking our fists and saying "Steve."

Part 2: One day, whilst playing Super Mario Bros on the wii, Cheese and I got stuck on that level with all the flying stingrays that you have to jump across. We were finding it kind of hard, and obviously felt it was the stingrays being uncooperative, rather than any lack of skill on our part that was the problem. So we shook our fists at them and said "Steve."

And that's the fairly unexciting story of how stingrays became the Steves of the sea ^_^

Incidentally, if you look through our artwork that's been tagged with 'Steve' you'll see that a couple of them feature turtles rather than stingrays. I don't remember ever calling turtles Steves, but it seems that at some point they must have deserved the title. They definitely have less Steve status than stingrays though, in my opinion. Okay, now this is just getting confusing. Enough of this rubbish, go check out the artwork tab or something, for crying out loud. *Shakes fist*: Steve.

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 29th November 2013
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