The Birth of Two Lof Bees

The Birth of Two Lof Bees


Where did Two Lof Bees come from?

Once upon a time, there were two people who loved each other very much. To show their love, they drew notes and pictures for each other.

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Here's a sappy little story about why this website exists. You can skip it if you want ^_^

One day the couple discovered that their notes and pictures also brought happiness to others, and decided to build a website to share their creations with the world.

We hope that you enjoy what you find here as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at Email. We can't guarantee that we will reply to every message, but we do read all email eventually ;)


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These are short(ish) profiles of our artists along with links to subscribe to their updates via RSS and their email address.


I've been sketching for as long as I can remember, which unfortunately doesn't automatically mean I'm good at it. I've also had a bit of experience with 3D and 2D digital artwork. When I'm not drawing (I love the way that makes it sound like I draw lots), I can be found under a guitar, or on a keyboard (of either flavour). I enjoy daydreaming and long walks on the beach - and when I say long, I mean it.

My preferred tools of the trade in order of importance:

More than anything, I would like to thank Mim for the committment, patience, love and inspiration she gives me. You are my world, lof.

Note: She drew the picture below. I could never be that good ;_;


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Long time drawer, first time website runerer...

I've been sketching scribbles in the margins of schoolbooks my entire academic life (which has become much longer than even I anticipated).  I hope that my drawings reflect the kind of absentminded abandon that can only be cultivated through years of rigorous daydreaming training.

I spend my spare time reading books that make me more cleverer (I hope), geeking it up on my favourite mmorpg, watching movies whilst eating unhealthy quantities of Cheese & Bacon Shapes with my Josh, and sharpening my wit.

Though I may contribute to the content of this site Josh, in so many ways, is truly the one that makes it all possible.  Like Tinkerbell I find that I cannot move unless someone believes in me.  Josh is my inspiration and my motivation.  He is also possibly the reason I occasionally find myself on a beach with a tent wondering how I manage to get myself into these situations.

Thank you, lof, for expanding my universe.


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Here is a list of some of the tools we use when creating digital art. You might notice that they're all Free! If you make something using these tools, we'd love to hear about it Email.

Here are some things that we use in the production of the images you see on the site:

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If you're interested in Free/Open Source software and/or want to know about what kinds of things you'd need to put together a site like this one, this list shows everything we used to build and host it.

Our site was constructed entirely by hand using freely available tools. For anybody who's interested, here's another list (because we love lists)!