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Cushion Creations


During my post-AICon round of cushion-making I took some time to snap a few pictures of the bits and bobs that go into making a lof bees cushion. So here they are for your enjoyment!

Basically, our cushions are made from five key materials:

Oh, and lof. Lots of lof. Okay, make that six key materials.

Cushion Woods InsidesThe fabric we use for the outside is custom designed by Josh and I, and we get it printed through Spoonflower (a print on demand service). We choose to print on 100% organic cotton sateen, which has a glossy finish and feels nice.

Each cushion has an inner slip made from platinum polar fleece, which we buy locally from a place called Spotlight. It's super soft and yummy to touch! Giving each cushion an inner slip makes them firmer and bouncier and helps keep the surface free from any bumps in the stuffing.

We use Hobby Fill fibre filling for stuffing, again from Spotlight, and just regular old thread in whatever colour best blends with the fabric to close it up.

Cushions Cat InsidesEach cushion also has a little tag made from ribbon with golden hearts on it. This is so we can hang tags/business cards from it if we need to. The hearts are so you know we love you.

The lof finds its way in during the making procees as I imagine the cushion bringing someone a smile.

Thanks to everyone who's adopted a cushion so far, and thanks to those of you who might be thinking of adopting one in the future. We really appreciate your support and feedback. We couldn't do this without you. Well, we could, but our house would be overflowing with cushions. ^_^

P.S. We're definitely going to have cushions available at our stall at MAICon this September, and we're hopefully going to have a few new designs available too (fingers crossed)!

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 10th July 2013
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