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30 Day Drawing Challenge (March)



I must be crazy.  As well as working on my thesis and getting ready for our stall at Aicon (Eeeee! So excited!), I've also signed myself up to do a 30 day drawing challenge with a facebook group.  Each day I have to draw a picture of the subject specified.  Today is day 6 and it's been fun and challenging so far!  I'll be uploading and posting all my daily doodles here, so please join me on my drawing adventure!

Significant otherAlso, if you want to join in, you totally should!  It's not too late!  Draw some quick pics to catch up, or just start from today!

  1. A Self-Portrait (Me!)
  2. An Animal (A possum)
  3. A Childhood Memory (A nightmare about ribbons chasing me)
  4. Friend, Family or Significant Other (Josh as a walrus)
  5. An Object in the Room (My stuffed owl)
  6. A Literary Hero (Philip Marlowe, Private Detective)
  7. A Quick Gesture Drawing (Tripping over a cat)
  8. A Super Hero (Astro Boy)
  9. Classic Iconic Hollywood Scene or Hero (Misc)
  10. Draw Dignity (Old and young hands)
  11. A Typographic Quote (Douglas Adams + Portal)
  12. Favourite Article of Clothing or Outfit (Scarves and beanies)
  13. A Board Game Piece (Scrabble 'Q')
  14. Unlikely Friends (The Thesis Monster and I)
  15. A Pattern (Potato stamps)
  16. Your Losing Design on Project Runway (Walrus costume)
  17. A Minimalist Poster (My family)
  18. A Literary Villain (Cruella de Vil)
  19. Muppet Themed (Kermit toy)
  20. Retro Inspired (Cheese's Angel)
  21. A Clock
  22. Something Involving Water
  23. Happiness
  24. Your Favourite Food
  25. Inanimate Object Come to Life
  26. A Set of Kitchen Items
  27. In the Style of Another Artist
  28. Nature Inspired
  29. Travel Poster
  30. Draw Yourself Drawing


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 6th March 2013
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