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Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Valentine's Day happens to fall on the day after our 11 month lofversary, so we tend to spend the day recovering. This evening we decided to do some aimless drawings (it's nice to art without direction sometimes, or it would be if art were a verb) and upload one of the new designs we've been preparing for AICon.

Mim did some scribbles, an unfinished piece, and some Azumanga fan art (below left), and I did a rough painting in the Gimp (below middle). Since it's love themed, we decided to put White Whales up as well (below right), which we'll be taking to AICon next month (in the form of postcards, t-shirts and hand made cushions!), but more on that later.

Azumanga ValentineMountain MoonWhite Whales

We love you all just as much as every other day of the year (a lot). Stay safe. Love freely. Be happy <3


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 14th February 2013
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