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On The Eve of AICon


After a long day, we're almost ready for AICon tomorrow!

The super organised AICon people let us set up this evening, so hopefully all we'll have to do in the morning is arrive and look awesome.

After weighing up the costs of materials, we've settled on prices for our hand made items:

AICon CushionsYou can see more pictures and more details on each of these in our two recent blog posts about our AICon prepareations.

As this was a bit of an experiment for us, we've got very limited numbers. If there's something in particular you want that we've run out of (or if you didn't make it to AICon), feel free to get in touch with us after the convention.

To anybody who sees us at AICon over the weekend, feel free to leave a comment below - we'd love to hear your feedback!

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 15th March 2013
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