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Mim's Honours Thesis - Closure


I'm DOING itFour hundred and seventy five days after I submitted my honours thesis I finally found the time and motivation to finish the Mim's Honours Thesis comic.  Whew!  Five new comics/pictures have been added (including a two page Thesis Submission comic), so please take a look!

So it seems now would be a good time for a brief recap of how this comic came to be.

Deadline PossumWhen facing deadlines I sometimes find myself frozen in panic mode.  I can't work on the assignment because I'm flipping out, but I don't feel like I'm allowed to spend time on anything else.  Stalemate.  One thing I've discovered that helps me break out of it is to draw scribbles about how stressed / tired / manic I am (which is why some of the pictures are pretty dodgy, sorry -_-).  At some point I thought it might be nice to scoop all my scribbles together in a comic to share with others who may be battling deadlines.

One of the elelements of this comic that has received the most feedback is the Thesis Monster.  I've received numerous emails and comments from friends and strangers (new friends ^_^) about how the Thesis Monster strikes a familiar chord with them.  It seems he embodies the looming feeling that an unfinished assignment or approaching deadline has for many others besides myself.

Thesis MonsterHere's a quick story about how the thesis monster came to be.  As I mentioned earlier, when working towards a deadline I feel like I'm not allowed to do anything other than work on the project.  At times during my honours project it got so bad that I felt guilty about trying to get some sleep.  I'd lay in bed and feel like a presence was looming over me, harrassing me about not working.  I remember thinking, "Gah!  It's like this thesis is a monster that won't leave me alone!"  And thus eveyone's favourite Thesis Monster was born.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in the project:
My supervisors who gave me advice;
My colleagues who made me feel that I wasn't alone;
My friends who gave me a place to sleep and a place to escape to (although you can never really escape form a thesis monster);
My partner, and proof-reader, Josh, who kept me going with feedback, encouragement and stuffed toys;
And everyone else who came along for the ride.

Graduation MimOh, and for those of you who don't already know, after compelting honours I took some time off and then decided to do a PhD (the "Dr" title is just too tempting), so there's now a Mim's PhD comic that you might like to check out.


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 18th February 2012
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