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ZOMG! Fan Art!!!


Two lof bees isn't about showcasing our most fantastically brilliant works of art – rather we upload all our little scribbles in the hopes that someone, somewhere might stumble upon something that makes them smile. At times it can feel a bit like our pictures just get uploaded and lost, floating in this great void that is the internet where no one will ever see them. And other times someone reaches out to share their encouragement, appreciation and scribbles with us ^_^

We thought it was about time to show our appreciation to those who've been kind enough to encourage us by sending us their scribbles. THAAAANK YOOOOU (and please send us more – we LOVE fan art!!!)

  lofalienDoctorate MonsterFamoos BeesHappy BirthdayLof Knows No Bounds

(Click each image to see a larger version)

Thanks for these images goes to Hannah, Lissie, LiaCroft, my sister Roslyn, and Elly.

How to Draw a Lof BeeWould you like to send us fan art, but aren't sure what to draw?

How to draw a lof bee:

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 23rd August 2011
 18 times
 Alien(1), Balloon(2), Heart(2), Lof Bees(1), Lof Bees Fan Art(1), Thesis Monster(4)

On 24th August 2011, cheese said...

This is amazing! I never expected anybody would send us stuff! Big lof to you all!