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Hello Balloon Friend: a brief explanation


Sitting outside the Uni Bar with some fellow students, I noticed a balloon bouncing around at the other side of the courtyard.

Hello Balloon Friend

Cute detection sensors activated and my eyes locked excitedly onto the balloon.  To my surprise and delight it bounced all the way across the courtyard and up to my chair.  I promptly snatched it up and raised it into the air (as in the opening to The Lion King) proclaiming, "IT CAME TO MEEEEE!!!" much to the befuddlement of my classmates.

The balloon friend stayed with us for 147 days (from 12 Oct 2010 to 9 Mar 2011). It inspired the Hello Balloon Friend picture featuring Sprinkles (above) and it eventually gained a face and sat smiling at me from my computer desk, slowly growing smaller and smaller until one day I loved it too tightly and it popped :(

Sorry about that, little balloon. At least we have these photos to remember you by ^_^


Balloon Friend 2

Balloon Friend 3Balloon riend 4

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 27th March 2011
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 Balloon(2), Sprinkles(5)