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One Year of!


Helpful PeaToday is doubly exciting for us. Not only has been up and sharing our artwork and scribbles with world for a year, but mim and I have also been sharing our lives for two whole years. By now, our relationship should be walking, talking and making mischeif with knobs on stereos and DVD players.

In case it's not obvious (or you're viewing this in an RSS feed), we've chosen this special day to push forward some changes to the website.

First up there's the gorgeous banner you can see above if you're viewing this on the 12th, which is mim's first one. For your convenience, here's a breakdown of the rest:


New Stuff

Content Changes

Additional Bug Fixes/Enhancements

That's pretty much it for now. We might be making a few minor changes here or there, but this is more or less the new site. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy lofversary to us and happy to you!

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 11th March 2011
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