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ZOMG, Comics!


First up, Mim's thesis comic is fantastic. There's some great humour in there, and I think being able to do them has been able to provide some much needed relaxation during a pretty stressful time. She's got a lot of good ideas that she's planning to come back to after the deadlines are dealt with. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing them.

I've just finished some well overdue updates to the comics section of the site. The most visble change at this point is probably having the latest page from each of the two most recently updated comics on the home page. The other exciting piece is the comic index on each comic's main page, giving you access to each any every comic page at the click of a button (though I'm going to have to look at pagination down the track if our Little Lof Notes comic keeps growing at the same rate).

If addition to giving the comics section some love, I've also updated all of the love Love! icons (particularly in the preview popups) to be clickable, making it a bit easier to show that you like something, and I've added a big indicator to each artwork page to hopefully draw a bit more attention to how many times an image has been loved.

The Constellation Lof

In other news, a late night of staying-up-supporting-study-Mim has yielded an exciting space drawing adapted from the Planetary Lof piece I did a little while back (I'd initially planned to put some stars in the shape of a heart into that, but I ended up forgetting - it was fun to revisit).

I've also been playing around a lot with Grumpy Bunny lately. I feel he's got a bit of promise and I'd like to see where he leads. Exciting times are ahead!

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 26th October 2010
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