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Continue Testing... (by cheese)

Continue Testing...
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Portal 2 is almost here!

My hope was to have this one completed before the mysterious countdown to 9:00am on the 15th of March (US Pacific time), and call it "8:59", but come 2:00am (my local time), I'd only half finished.

I think this is my first actual painting to go up on, and I'm not quite sure how to tag it. I created a vector image in Inkscape to use as a base, and painted over it in the Gimp, so it's somewhere inbetween.

Update: In response to some queries I revieved about how I put this together, I've made a "making of".

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 16th April 2011
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 15th April 2011
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On 17th April 2011, mim said...

This is pretty wow, you know.  ZOMG!