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Robin's Rescue Title (by cheese)

Robin's Rescue Title
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Following on from Above The Waves, Mim and I made a small example point and click adventure game called Robin's Rescue (feel free to check it out. It's free, and there are Linux, Mac and Windows builds available).

For the main menu, I was keen for a look that felt like it was a wanted poster on a tree, drawing some inspiration from the menu from the original EGA release of Quest For Glory 1 (which had a wanted poster on the left and menu options on the right, with an overgrown log fence as the background).

As with all of the game's backgrounds, I went for a rough, sketchy aesthetic with the tree. The in-game font rendering moves away from that a bit, so I opted for something a bit sharper with the title text and background paper.

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 16th August 2015
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 8th July 2015
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