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Brutal Sacrifice (Humble Double Fan Art) (by mim)

Brutal Sacrifice (Humble Double Fan Art)
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Here's a closeup of "Sacrifice Girl" from Broken Age drawn in the style of Brütal Legend.

This is from the Humble Double Fan Art piece that Josh made to celebrate the Humble Double Fine Bundle.

Josh was pressed for time, so he asked me to do a sketch of the girl from Broken Age which I ended up colouring before passing onto Josh for final touches and background.

"This was the last thing to be done on the entire piece and ended up a bit more rushed than the others. The background is taken from the Broken Age name reveal poster, with the mountains in Sacrifice Girl's portion of the background drawn with some more volcano looking styles and blades on the windmill. Space boy's room was harder to come up with a way to "metal-ify", and I settled with popping flames on the pyramid readout-thingies and putting a metal spoon floating in space (which few people seem to have gotten the reference for)." - Cheese

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 30th June 2013
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 5th June 2013
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 Broken Age(4), Brutal Legend(4), Double Fine(28), Fan Art(265), Humble Bundle(6)