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Eddie Stacks (Humble Double Fan Art) (by cheese)

Eddie Stacks (Humble Double Fan Art)
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Here's a closeup of Eddie from Brütal Legend drawn in the style of Stacking.

This is from the Humble Double Fan Art piece that I made to celebrate the Humble Double Fine Bundle.

This was the first character I attempted. Initially I was trying to paint Eddie in the Gimp, but had some trouble maintaining symetry and the kinds of lines I was aiming for. To speed things up, I decided to quickly block it out in Inkscape and then paint over it, but it came up so well that I kept the vector version. To get the lighting right, I first exported Eddie's silhouette as a path and imported it into Blender where I set up some lights and did an orthogonal render, but it didn't quite look right and I got the best results by using my model and the Stacking box art as a reference and just painting the highlights/edge lighting by hand.

The background draws from the poster of Eddie holding an axe, standing on top of a pile of skulls with mammatus clouds and lightning behind him. I tried to make the skulls look like the tops of matryoshka dolls, and had a splintered piece of wood protruding forth to mirror the skeleton arm making the "sign of the horns" in the poster.

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 30th June 2013
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 5th June 2013
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 Brutal Legend(4), Double Fine(28), Fan Art(265), Humble Bundle(6), Stacking(4)