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Costume Charlie (Humble Double Fan Art) (by cheese)

Costume Charlie (Humble Double Fan Art)
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Here's a closeup of Charlie from Stacking drawn in the style of Costume Quest.

This is from the Humble Double Fan Art piece that I made to celebrate the Humble Double Fine Bundle.

Mim sketched out pose for this one whilst I was painting Wren. Of all the characters, this one had a style that's closest to the vector type stuff I usually do, so I was able to quickly knock it together in under half an hour. And then Inkscape crashed, so I made it again in 20 minutes.

The background is is meant to call to the curtain seen in the background of the Stacking box art, although it's much less detailed (and possibly not so identifiable). Charlie is meant to be standing on the head of the character that he's standing on in the box art.

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 30th June 2013
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 5th June 2013
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 Costume Quest(4), Double Fine(28), Fan Art(265), Humble Bundle(6), Stacking(4)