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Psychowren (Humdle Double Fan Art) (by cheese)

Psychowren (Humdle Double Fan Art)
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Here's a closeup of Wren from Costume Quest drawn in the style of Psychonauts.

This is from the Humble Double Fan Art piece that I made to celebrate the Humble Double Fine Bundle.

At first this looked like it was going to be the easiest of the five characters to paint, with fairly solid colours and forgiving lines, but since rim/edge/back lighting is not a strongpoint of mine, it did prove to be more challenging than expected. Mim sketched out pose for this one based on my initial scribbles which really helped.

The background is from the Costume Quest box art, which depicts characters from the game standing in costume on a footpath with houses in the background. To help fit the Psychonauts style pose, I scaled down a lot of the background elements and shifted the angle so that most of the footpath in the distance would be visible between Wren's legs.

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 30th June 2013
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 5th June 2013
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 Costume Quest(4), Double Fine(28), Fan Art(265), Humble Bundle(6), Psychonauts(6)