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Mim's PhD

After her triumph over the Honours Thesis Monster in 2010, mim has decided to tackle a PhD...

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  • Pages: 25
  • Created: 23-05-2011
  • Updated: 16-09-2014
  • Status: Ongoing

Page 23: Motivational Origami Stingray

Motivational Origami Stingray
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Made by Cheese, this is Steve*, the origami stingray - motivator and friend. He's currently trying to motivate me to write my thesis, but you can use him to provide motivation for whatever it is you're doing as well. Steve's good like that.

*Incidentally, he isn't named after Steve Irwin. We only recently realised the connection and don't mean to cause any offense. There's a short but fairly uninteresting story about why we call stingrays 'Steves' and you can read it here, if that's what you're into.

 29th November 2013
 22 times
 Origami(7), Steve(6), Stingray(3)
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