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Reclaim Your Game talks to Cheese


Graphs and StatsI don't normally post about my "Cheesetalks" stuff on here, but I thought I'd make an exception as instead of me talking to other people (or myself), this time it's someone else talking to me!

Some of you may recall that I have, from time to time, gotten excited about those Humble Bundle thingies. In addition to droning on for pages about them, I also wrote and maintain what is (to my knowledge) the only set of combined and aggregated statistics and visualisations of Humble Bundles on the internets called the Humble Visualisations.

Recently Lisa and Martin from Reclaim Your Game (an organisation that works with game developers and publishers to build better business models and interact positively with gamers and also provides "consumer friendliness" evaluations to help gamers avoid unpleasant experiences) read my Really Really Long Article about the first 10 Humble Bundles, and decided to do an interview with me talking about how it all began and what I think all those charts and numbers might mean.

Displaying exemplary patience, Martin gallantly directed me (note to self: get more sleep before doing live interviews) through what was a thoroughly fun and enjoyable interview.

If you're interested in reading it, you can find it here.

Big thanks to Martin and Lisa for their time, patience and lovely personalities :)

P.S. Two Lof Bees also went to MAICon last weekend, but more on that in another blog post.

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 12th September 2012
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