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Trine 2 Giveaway


Pumpkin CarriageFollowing on from my recent interview with Frozenbyte, we're giving away a digital copy of the Collector's Edition of Trine 2!

Update: It's found a new home. You can see the lucky recipient's fan piece and the other submissions in this blog post.

It includes this stuff:

After a little deliberation, we've decided to hold a small fan art contest based on our favourite Trine 2 character: the Giant Snail!

We'll give away a Humble Store gift certificate for the Collector's Edition (which is re-giftable if you want it for a friend) to whomever creates our favourite Giant Snail drawing/painting/sculpture (or any other form of visually appreciable art) by midday on Friday the 11th of May (UTC +10).

Entries can be submitted as attachments in comments on this blog post, via email to, as tweets to @twolofbees, or as wall posts on our Facebook page. We'll announce our favourite piece and the lucky recipient in a blog post (if you're submitting via Twitter or Facebook, be sure to follow or like us so that we can get in contact with you!).

For reference, here's a screenshot featuring the Giant Snail:

Pontius and the Giant Snail

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 6th May 2012
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