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Freeing The Time


Planetary Lof (3)A few days ago, a friend asked me what I was up to this weekend.

My reply was, "Nothing at all," which was an amazing feeling as it's been several years since I've actually been able to say that. I think I've been doing so much for so long that I'm used to it, and often find myself haunted a feeling of panic over deadlines or efficiency even though I've recently severed ties to the assorted committments that have brought those elements into my life (I'm hoping that this will go away after a few months).

My long lasting business has had me putting off a lot of smaller (and perhaps more important) bits and pieces until I was able to Find The Time - not the least of which is catching up on sleep. Now that I've Found The Time, I'm embarking on the epic adventure of setting it free and seeing what happens.

Part of the "Nothing at all" that this weekend brought was this drawing (portrait variation), which I'm still not 100% sure I'm finished with, but I had a great time experimenting with Inkscape 0.48's new tools effects and trying to come up with an interesting gas giant type effect.

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 25th September 2010
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 Inkscape(2), Life(14), Time(3)