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If you buy it, art will come...


I get so excited about art supplies, but I'm ususally too slack to use them.  I have boxes of materials that I've been hoarding since high school.  The paint has probably shrivelled into nothingness by now, but I still like to occassionally get them out and fondle them in a shadowy corner like a miserly old man with his stash of coins.

nom nom nomI'm full of good intentions and dare I say it, inspiration, but the piles of gorgeous felt, paints, coloured paper, moulding clay, pencils, etc, rarely become more than additions to my stash of art material porn.

I have a particular fetish for big, fat, empty books.  Artbooks, notebooks, whatever.  If it's new and fat I'm all over it.  The problem, I think, is that they're so full of potential.  They're so deliciously crisp and just waiting to be filled with fantastic works of art.  But I'm afraid that as soon as I try to draw something in them they'll just become half-used and boring, like all my other artbooks O_o

What to do, what to do?  I'd like to say I'm taking this opportunity to turn over a new leaf and become more committed to using the supplies I already have but I know that there are new paints out there to be oggled, new material to be stroked, and I don't think I have the kind of control necessary to avoid lusting over / buying it all.  I'll guess I'll just keep telling myself that sometime soon I'll have the time to make all the things I intended to when I bought it all.  Soon...


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 8th July 2010
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On 22nd February 2011, cheese said...

I love how it's not obvious that that's our loungeroom floor in the photo.