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Colossal Cave Adventure - Icicle Edition (by cheese)

Colossal Cave Adventure - Icicle Edition
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This year is Adventure's 40th birthday, so it felt like a good time to do an homage. To celebrate, I've been working with my Dad on a remake of the original game in my first person/text adventure hybrid engine Icicle.

This image is the splash screen I'm using for the game. It features a stylised cave and a small bird. The bird is involved in a very early puzzle and in some senses feels like an iconic part of the original game, so it was fun to find a way to work it into the images I'm using to promote the game.

I released a demo today. More details and links to downloads can be found here.

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 29th October 2016
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 28th October 2016
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 Adventure(2), Bird(12), Cave(4), Colossal Cave(2), Fan Art(265)