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Octopus Fan (by mim)

Octopus Fan
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I'm so happy that I finally finished this picture!

Doing this was a fantastic learning experience for me. I feel I have a much better understanding of some of the abilities and limitations of copic markers now, and have learned lots of new techniques!

Most importantly I learned that you have to JUST DO IT! At each step of the process I was very stressed that I was going to mess it up, that I'd have wasted all that ink, and expensive paper, and blah blah blah. But eventually I realised that you can only be as good as you are RIGHT NOW. There's no point in holding back or waiting till you're better, or you'll never learn anything and never get anything done!

Ideally your next picture will always be better than your last one, so just get on with it, learn stuff, and have fun <3

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 24th July 2016
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 12th July 2016
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 Copic(8), Octopus(45)